I’ve recently bought The Surge Complete Edition on the Xbox One X (I initially had it for the PC, which I unfortunately had to sell).

I have thoroughly enjoyed Lords of the Fallen on the PS4 and I also played some Vampyr on PC.

Let me just say that I am UTTERLY APPALLED by the complete lack of support for The Surge and its many game breaking bugs (hard crashes sporadically causing full shut down of the Xbox One X console), that have been continuously reported to you (to no avail) since 2017 (just check the first couple of threads/posts in THE SURGE the bug report section”.

Not only The Surge 2 passed from a definite buy for me to a “not installing this in any of my machines even if I find a copy in the trash”, I will also make sure to tell all my family, friends and whoever else I meet that shows a remote interest in The Surge or any of your other games, to stay as far away from them as they possibly can.

Being an up and coming Developer, it seems you guys had a couple of choices:

1- Go the way of CD Projekt Red, which is basically 100% customer focused, treating gamers with respect and looking out for the betterment of the entire gaming industry;

2- Go the way of Ubisoft who sometimes releases unfinished buggy messes, but do work diligently, properly communicate with the player base in order to get said games in as good of a state as it is possible (everyone makes mistakes, is how you own up to them, learn from them and then do a lot better next time that makes all the difference), regardless of how long it takes, understanding that not only it is simply the right thing to do, A 100% WORKING GAME is what they ACTUALLY sold the customers; or

3- Go the way of EA/Activision/Bethesda, whose every act, no matter how small, is focused solely on and determined by GREED. These three companies have, time and time again, come up with as many LIES and machinations as humanly possible, in order to sell as many copies as possible (before people catch on) of the broken, unfinished games they have the gall to release as WORKING TITLES.

Once they achieve a sales a number their comfortable with, the false promises stop, they simply give a big middle finger to the player base by going to complete radio silence and simply drop any and all support for the game they sold as a WORKING TITLE.

It is VERY CLEAR which way you guys are leaning towards, by the current state of The Surge with its 2 1/2 year old game/console breaking bugs, lack of interest or support for your player base (customers) and the radio silence regarding said bugs.

It does not matter if this was your intention or not, as your shameless apathy, you being devoid of any meaningful interaction with your player base regarding these serious bugs and your shameless lack of effort in fixing said serious bugs, is 100% UNACCEPTABLE.

All you need to do now, in order to become a hated company in the gaming industry, is to add Loot Boxes and Micro Transactions to your SINGLE PLAYER games. It would not surprise me one bit and at that point you will have fully matured in another cancer in the gaming industry.

You still have time to correct the road you’re in, albeit for now, you shall be regarded in the very same status I regard EA, Activision and Bethesda, whereas I will simply NOT PURCHASE ANY OF YOUR GAMES, regardless of review scores, metacritic, price, etc.

It’s a true shame, as I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the 3 games I’ve purchased (that were developed by your company), up until the point where the bugs made them completely unplayable with the added bonus of possibly breaking my console.

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