Ranked balance

Right now i think competitive needs 5 rifleman spots or a buff for flanker class. Flanker on insurgent side is way too weak to make an impact on game (security flanker is not any better).
In EBR meta smg is useless.

Security flanker is definitely better than insurgent flanker. The Mk 18 is basically the same as the M4 and the MP7 has armor piercing rounds and a very high fire rate while being controllable. The uzi and 74u just can’t compete. But the .308 meta makes that entire argument mute unless you can force a fight in cqb and not get wallbanged. It’s a little absurd that the qbz and VHS cost more than the EBR and FAL. It’s absurd that the FAL costs the same as an AKM. The fact that it has a smaller mag size doesn’t justify that. Right now, comp is a 4v4 with 2 people as cannon fodder.

Oh...and let’s not forget that the flanker can’t rush B like he needs to in order to be successful because he’s just going to get naded.