Hunt and Survival in 2020?

I know you guys released that july-december 2019 roadmap, and It seemed to include everything Id want this game to have, such as night, level editor, hardcore all modes, new maps, customization etc and it looks so awesome. I spent a large amount of my time on the first insurgency playing hunt and survival, and id also love to see those make it on here, even if it isnt in 2019. Right now im most excited for outpost and night maps though, great work on the game so far!

Yes. Ten thousands times yes.

Hunt and Survival were the best coop game modes imo. I don't even want to play the game anymore, knowing I won't be able to play these modes. Also knowing I will be forced to play checkpoint mode only. Adding mutators to checkpoint (like that so-called hardcore mode which just slows you down and gives you shitty weapons, or frenzy or whatever) just can't do the trick. Mutators are only variations of a game mode, and we clearly need other ways to enjoy the game as fast as possible.

We need hunt mode back. As for survival, I just wonder if this would be as fun as in Ins2, since the maps are way larger... It would probably be a running simulator. Hunt, on the other hand, is needed ! Stealth is fun !