Ministry needs some more optimisation

Im getting fps drops to 50-40, normaly im on 80-90. This only happens on Ministry, usually happens when a lot of stuff is going on.

Hello @Zayzek,
We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. This sounds like a new issue if it only affects Ministry.
The next time you play, would you mind sending over your coordinates and where you seem to encounter most problems?
Or does it affect you pretty much everywhere and is only linked to in-game fights?

i get between 35-45 fps drops in the car park basement especially everywhere else its around 75-90

i7 7700k
gtx 1080ti
32gb corsair dd4 3200 ram
settings on high not very high
tesselation etc off
memory pool gubbins etc off (its an 11gb card)

same with me, I get FPS drops downstairs on C

The garage is pretty bad if you have shadows turned on. Runs fine if you have it disabled. It really does need some work..