Attention to details

Spiders games are always so full of details that... most players probably wouldn't even think to notice. Spiders don't have to add those details--but they do!
The level of in-depth research is astonishing.
Rewatching trailers for GreedFall, I noticed an interesting thing: it appears Spiders researched sailing ships and they made correct texture and animation for sails.
Look at this sail closely, especially on the right.
See those faint lines that "split" the sail into squares?

That's because sails are not one big sheet, they are made from individual squares stitched together (that's why jumping from a boom and sticking a knife into a sail and zipping down like that won't work)
And see how it is animated? How it billows not in a curve (look at the lowest edge of the sail), but in a "broken" line?
That is because it is not filled with wind fully and therefore you can see the structure (individual squares sewn together).

I am amazed at how much love Spiders team put into their creations.
I just hope that the team knows we notice these details! ❤ And appreciate them very much.

This is the result of putting love and soul into a game instead of trying to make a quick buck.