Music Snippet...

Olivier Deriviere released a short part of the Greedfall soundtrack via Twitter today. Here is a link:

Sorry, my embed didn't work!

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Music has never ruined a game for me, but it has turned a good experience into a great one.

Songs can help create powerful moments and inspire certain emotions; they are a strong tool when wielded correctly.

I'm liking what I hear so far!

I feel like this game is gonna have some epic moments, and an epic moment requires an equally epic score to really hit home

Great music this will be a work of quality.

I hope the soundtrack (or at least a few tracks) will release soon. I love listening to the music before a game releases. This is my first Spiders game and I don't really know the composer's work. Which of his previous works do you recommend?

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@Skylar-O-Shea Music is one of my favorite things in life. Practically all scenes that have stuck with in movies or games or whatever else I remember vividly because of the music that was playing.

It's not really what I was expecting but it sounds good.