is Down...

Greedfall website is down. An update maybe? Overwhelming response due to media campaign? What's up Greedfall? 😉

@Red-Leader said in is Down...:

@tudorhousewife It got the sickness.

The Malichor has struck! LOL! Hope they find the cure quickly.

Hello everyone,
sorry for the inconvenience. Is it currently still down for you?

Thank you everyone,
Sorry again, I notified the team. If you happen to have any problems, feel free to hit me up! 😃

@Raibi Thank you for all of your work here!

not working for me 8-12-19

@Raibi not working for me.. it never has, have tried 3 different browsers.

I'm sorry @Docsis , I'll contact our team right away.
Is it currently still not working for you?

@Raibi For me it's working correctly but some peoples on steam are experiencing problems

I open it on Firefox with no problem at this moment.

I use Chrome and mine works

I don't think it's an overall browser issue. Regional, maybe?

I'm not very tech savvy, so I don't know, but I hope the issue clears up soon.

Thank you guys! 😃 Would you mind sending us what browser you use, in what language and your time zone?
We are trying to pinpoint what's happening and if it is happening due to specific browsers or time zones.

If you can, send us the error message you get when you try to access the website.

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@Raibi I use internet explorer, chrome and firefox and for me is working.
All languages on the site are working correctly for me.
I'm accessing internet from Italy Rome time zone.

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I just checked all the other browsers I use. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Bing are all working

I go by US, Texas timezone with language set to English