Dual Weilding?

Does anyone know if dual wielding has been addressed at all? The recent devblog states that the player will switch between two sets of weapons in combat, and I'm wondering if a sword+pistol combination would count as one set or not.

I'm fine either way, just curious

I'd imagine you can dual wield if you pick the right perks. We know you can use a sword and magic at the same time.


I have a feeling you may be right. Especially since we know that certain classes are geared towards different styles (like warrior is two handed, while technical is one handed)

I can't wait to see the full skill tree! I like the variations I see so far. I plan on focusing on one tree instead of mix-matching so I can have better replay value

I would imagine dual wielding to be in the Technical branch, if it was a skill.

@Skylar-O-Shea Going sword and magic. Stasis some fools then slice them to pieces.

Also I'll probably just do one playthrough for now since by the time I finish it other stuff I want will be out.

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