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Hi everyone,

Welcome back to our devblog series dedicated to GreedFall – the one-of-a-kind RPG developed by Spiders and coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 10.

We’re taking a look at this new world, specifically created for GreedFall, with Sebastien Di Ruzza, Lead Game Designer at Spiders.

Develop your own fighting style

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Forging your destiny and being free to progress through the world in your own way is crucial in GreedFall. You can resolve situations in many ways and combat isn’t always the best solution. Fights are sometimes entirely avoidable by using talents. If your playstyle is aggressive and you tend to prefer combat to other options, it can directly affect your relationships with other factions.

The skill tree is divided into three main parts: the warrior tree allows you to use all one-handed and two-handed melee weapons while also raising your resistance to physical damage. You are never locked into a path once you invest in it, and you are free to switch from one discipline to the other as you wish. Eager to focus on fire weapons, grenades or creating traps and blade coatings? The technical tree is the right one for you! Fantasy aficionados will enjoy the magic tree, granting access to spells (such as healing, or Stasis, a spell that briefly locks enemies in time) and magical rings for ranged combat.

The skill tree is open, meaning that it enables you to truly choose what to kind of combat you want to specialize in. If you are fond of both weapons and magic, you can decide what to upgrade in your skill tree and end up with a protagonist able to juggle between magical rings and melee weapons. Alternatively, you can choose to specialize in only one type of weapon or even focus on the sciences to get better at brews, potions, explosives, and traps.

Prepare and craft your gear for combat

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During combat, you will have access to two sets of weapons which you can freely switch between. A wide range of equipment and weapons will be available, and through crafting, you will be able to further customize and enhance your gear to not only change their looks but also their stats.

Attributes raise passive stats and enable you to use better equipment and more powerful weapons. This enables you to re-specialize several times in order to mix up fighting styles and try different approaches to combat in the same playthrough. GreedFall encourages you to use your own personal approach to combat, thanks to customized equipment and the optional tactical pause.
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Don’t forget your companions during combat

You can’t control your companions during combat in GreedFall but you will be able to compose a team to complement your own fighting style and approach in combat. Every companion brings something different to the table and has their own archetypal combat style, along with a unique opening move and special attack. Companions will also advise you when you’re in danger or running out of mana. As you level up, you’ll be able to switch out your companions’ weapons, allowing you to further tailor your team to your needs. Make sure to have healing potions handy in case one of them falls in combat!

Choosing your companions is a crucial part of the combat but also the story. Consider your companions’ loyalties and faction before charging them into battle, since they might not always agree with your actions. You will be able to anticipate events more and have more options to resolve conflicts if your team actively supports you.

Stay tuned for more insights about the development of GreedFall in our next articles! GreedFall releases September 10 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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You are killing it with these dev blogs. My excitement level is reaching critical mass.

Same here and the swords are so beautiful!⚔

I'm at a total loss in your decisions in class making and other things. You give us a and b weapon slots why? One for armour and one for damage right. Your intent was to make heavy weapons take out armour? Yet heavy weapons are locked to the magic starter class so you would have to waste points into it if you start another class because guess what I don't want to play magic.. I want to main firearms from the tech class. Now I have a waste of a weapon slot since you made firearms separate for some strange reason 😑 I have stacks of bullets since they are really easy to get so ammo isn't a problem in this game so why do you force me to have 2 slots for a one handed weapon and I don't and rarely even use. I'm just at a loss of why you have forced certain mechanics which are a waste of space if you want to main a certain class. Want to main magic? Well here another slot you don't need but you'll probably switch to by mistake mid combat anyway. Mid combat it's pretty difficult to tell the difference between two of the same type of weapons. I just can't understand from gaining a memory crystal or even from character creation why you cant just let people pick the 3 starter skills they want instead of forcing these 3 dumb classes when they 3 given skills don't even synergise well apart from the magic class.
It makes just makes sense. You give us technical (firearm,onehand and traps) why do you need one hand blades when you obviously need heavy weapons more for armoured enemy's. As a firearm user you don't need one hand blade that's just the dumbest class design decision... oh and dont get me started on the companions that constantly die during fights of a group of standard mobs in the wild. You may aswell disable them if anyone is on hard or above

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@Raibi said in Devblog - Combat:

Greedfall, so far, has an interesting concept that lacks some of the depth of other triple A titles. But it's still a good and enjoyable game. The world is quite detailed and the combat system is both strategic and easy to learn as the game naturally walks you through it. Definitely worth the buy if you like RPG's.

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