Death Differentiation, and The SKS problem.

I've always thought this game could do with a differentiation between severely injured/incapacitated, and flat out dead.

Coming with this differentiation you could add several features to accommodate the differentiation, A medical/body drag system for moving injured and quickly bringing back teammates quickly without people just miraculously coming from nowhere.
That being said, I can see the technical limitations, as ragdolls are client side at the moment, but the idea stands I suppose.
Differentiation of death and injury seems to be something that has been done, and should be done with this game, as it's already implemented in the game in the form of tactical rolls a

This sounds like something for hardcore mode, I can't imagine this being workable in regular PvP.

I've always thought it would be fun to see a mode where there's no hit points at all. Every hit starts a countdown timer until you die, with the amount of time you have based on hit location, caliber, and number of rounds. The only instant kills would be brain and spine. There could then be a first aid mechanic that could stop or slow the timer, and maybe even a medic class.

@DVinko and whats the sks problem? i mean i already know, its an ak that can't full auto, its useless

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