FPS Drops since last update

So I acquired Sandstorm earlier this year and sofar I have enjoyed quite a bit of the game but recently I have been unable to play any decent match. I used to be able to have the game on Ultra settings running at a smooth and steady 60 FPS with little to no FPS drops. But now, with this recent update (maybe the hotfix for amd ?), even on medium or low I will get massive drops (10 FPS !) that make the game almost completely unplayable. And they seem to drop at random even when staring at a wall and not moving.
My config :
Gtx 1050ti
Intel I7 7700HQ 2.8GHz
16 Gbs of RAM

Same for me...back to 1.0 when it was freezy ass hell...
Also EUROPE Servers are so laggy...Even USA are better

Thanks for pointing this out! It'll be passed on to the team!

Seriously its getting worse & worse...Europe servers are awfull, lags + freezes, unplayable...please react

It pretty bad that it's constant after the latest 2 updates, now i'm not saying that it was the updates but there's a lot of people getting the 0 ping situation.

As stated in Car Problem post by Arc that the car lagging it's related to the server performance, in steam a developer said that the servers settings are all the same so i don't know where the problem is coming from but it's definitely worse after the latest updates as when before i would get the lagging car 1 in 10/15 times and now it's like 9 out of 10 where i don't even wanna get in the car as i know it will flick around like crazy.

Playing Push on European servers only as well.

And please don't forget about the Can not go fullscreen, frame drops because of this are bad. Probably a big percentage of people out there with frame drops can be caused by this.

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I've tested US servers and there are no lags/freezes at all considering higher ping.

One of the worst thing for me happened on Summit when the chopper crashed = instant freeze on screen during 5 secs...

I tought "ooh shit a blue screen..." but the game came back and the fps were worse. Specially during wave spawn, instant -40/50fps after this situation.