Suggestion [Arcade mode] Extraction

First this game is a masterpiece even few things to fix.

I propose something like an extraction arcade mode based on an plane (osprey or transport helicopter) crash accident.

From 2 to 6 players

You will start game with :
only a handgun and knife (player will allow to choose witch one they want)
two magazines
no accessories/ armor/ explosives/ gas mask or anything else
no map as well
no ammo supply for all the game
no equipement boxes at all
no air support

You will have as objectives :
Find a map (where the followed objectives will be marked) it will allow after capture to see the map with "tab".
Start and defend an electric generetor
Start a radio call to rescue and defend position
Destroy 3 (more or less) Anti air system (missile luncher or other DCA system)
Get to the extraction point and survive until rescue

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@Crudje said in Suggestion [Arcade mode] Extraction:

Get to the extraction point and survive until rescue

Survive from what? Enemy bots?

Yes, could be an coop mode with bots as enemies.

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