Why are there no female insurgents

I don't understand why there are no female insurgent characters in this game. I see Kurdish women and Yazidi women who kicked serious ass against ISIS. Why are females excluded from that half of the game? It seems a bit biased given what one sees in current events.

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A lot of militant Sunni groups are... less than pro-equality.

@CrankyOldMan, It's because the Kurdish and Yazidi women would in the regional conflict be fighting against the insurgents, not with them. Groups like the Taliban, ISIS, and other Middle-Eastern insurgent factions do not have female combat soldiers, and those that do fight along-side the coalition and Free Syria Army.

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I think that you'll find the old Story trailer answers your questions.

While their exact identities are now left unknown, it's pretty clear that the Security forces represent groups like the Peshmerga (hence the female soldiers) while the Insurgents represent groups like ISIS. Heck, the security characters are apparently heavily modelled on images of female Kurdish Peshmerga.

And while ISIS does have a single female brigade, they were only, from what I can gather, used for propaganda and as a moral police within Raqqa.