Different Types of Rocket Ammunition

The rocket launchers we have in game seems to be using HE ammo. It’s useful most of the time, but there are some situations that requires different ammunition.

For example:
The M3 Carl Gustaf has HEDP, which is a round that can pierce through walls and then detonate. Useful for enemies behind walls.
As shown here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BOrZqZa14P8

If HEDP seems too over powered then maybe HEAT would be better suited. It can pierce through walls without the detonation part.

Rocket types aren’t just limited to the Gustaf either, there are many types for the AT4 and RPG.

The rocket launchers in this game are a big problem for me, especially their "ammo", as you call it. For example, the RPG-7 in the game is clearly using HEAT warheads, but those have a comparably irrelevant blast radius compared to its frag warhead. That warhead may be skinny, but it is brutal. The HEAT warheads will just punch a hole through a lot of stuff with its superheated copper. I don't know much more about the RPG-7, but I do know that the MAAWS has all sorts of fun warheads to play around with that I would love to see in the game.