Rubber banding has reached the point of teleportation.

It's no longer just stuttering or rubber banding, it's warping me to new positions several feet, or even yards, away. Here are two examples in very short order (all the debug overlay features are on, details of my rig in sig):

Youtube Video

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Hey @skillet,

Thanks for pointing this out! What region are you in, please? Can you also tell us your ping? I'll pass this on to the team!

@chaton, I live on the East Coast and have Sandstorm set to connect to US East servers only.

My ping should be at the top left of the video as part of the debug overlay. In the clip, it ranges from 33-41ms during play, then skips to 69-79ms during the first-person death animation at the end. If it would help, I think I still have the video of the whole game and can give you a broader average ping over the course of the match. If you want that, let me know.

Thanks as always for the response!

@skillet Thanks for the further information! Yes, the video of the whole game will be really helpful!

@chaton, I'm a little embarrassed to say it but I think I accidentally deleted the video of the whole match. Oops. 😞