Hi all, I'm really enjoying the customisation in the game. Glad it doesn't have goofy items to take away from the immersion.

Just some camouflage ideas, I know it must be hard to keep it distinct so you don't confused friend & foe.
(keep monochromatic colour scheme of a pattern for Insurgent camo? while security can have the 'natural' colour scheme of a pattern)
For the insurgents, I liked that the design team are able to create urban, red & blue tiger-stripe.
I like the camouflaged hoodies & t-shirts , I'd like if they had camouflaged trousers too.

A Small list of potential camouflage pattern ideas:

  • Old Rhodesian
  • Lizard
  • Desert Lizard (Greek)
  • Russian Tiger
  • Desert Tiger Stripe
  • DPM (British woodland)
  • DPM (Iraq)
  • Rain Pattern (E-German)
  • Splinter (Urban)

Old Rhodesian:
Old Rhodesian

Lizard Camouflage

Greek Desert Lizard
Greek Desert Lizard

Russian Tiger
Russian Tiger

Deserttiger stripe

British Woodland DPM

Iraq DPM

E-German Rain

Splinter Urban