Not Getting XP? What's going on?

So this is a new one for me but I see that's it's been reported a few times before. I've played 3 games in a row now, Coop Frenzy mode, without ANY XP at all. It's very strange. Restarted the game and everything and it didn't fix it. Restarted PC, verified integrity of game cache but no luck. Anyone else getting this recently? How did you fix it?

Same here, as with all of my friends with whom I play the game. It's probably related to the fact that everyone's levels are reported as "0". True in co-op, versus, and hardcore. I've also noticed that the bots aren't abusing me as much as usual (one-taps with akm and such), which I'd say is a good enough trade-off.

second day already.
NWI, could you reboot that server please?

It is also occurring to me and my mates as well on "community servers" that feature XP.

Happened to me (EU) last night, still happening today.
XP isn't updating neither is stats (was checking headshots)
The server would recognise accolades and details at the end of round/game, but doesn't update the profile.
When this is resolved will XP earned be restored? and will the stats?
Dunno if there is any other information I can provide which is useful.

Same here, played several games and received 0 exp.

happened to me also today

ok, it fixed now. I got XP for last game.

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yup all fixed for me now too