try 1 more time, nope frenzy still sucks

try 1 more time, nope frenzy still sucks because die every rd and I am over level 200 time for a new game or I going back to old Insurgency

Please use some punctuation. How do you die every time at that level? I'm also over 200 and it isn't that much harder than Hardcore mode. You just have to change the way you play: stick together, stay out in the open, ALWAYS watch out for the molitovs, get a fucking Commander and Observer YOU NEED THEM CHOPPERS, and get a gun with a fucking drum mag haha. Aside from one or two REALLY hard "Defend" objectives in each level and the teleporting "Ninjas" warping into your face and instantly killing you without anything you could have done about it... it's really not too hard. And besides this mode is all about changing up the monotony of regular Coop and Hardcore Coop. I find myself playing it more than Hardcore much of the time because it's just more fun. I think aside from a few problems that need attention, and the fact that you tend to get a lot more noobs in "Frenzy," it's a welcome addition to the game.