Suggestion: Map Vote on official servers

Hello, this would fix two things I keep seeing brought up on this forum: How bad Push plays on certain maps and joining matches when they end. The idea is that, at the end of every match you can vote which one of the for the mode available maps to play, minus the one you just played on. This way the server doesn't get disbanded, which in turn also means that if you join at the end of a match, you also join pretty much at the beginning of the next one, and you even get a say in which map get's played. Which leads me to the second thing, most maps kind of suck in Push. Most of the time, a match is tied on the first objective, which leads to short, unfulfilling games.
This is, in my opinion, due to the fact that most maps are very open, especially on the first objective, which encourages lying in the grass with an SVD, which is kind of unenjoyable in my opinion because it exaggerates the defensive advantage on any given map. I think Outskirts is by far the best map, because it mostly avoids this problem with great and fun design with CQB sections between the spawn of the attackers and the objective, which encourages aggressiveness (which is heavily relied on in the marketing material narrated by mikee himself, so someone must agree?) on both sides without making it too crazy like Call of Duty. Personally, I think this is how Push should play and I can't wait to play Frontline on Outskirts. However, I hope the original maps can be adjusted to play better in Push, with a way for the attackers to get a foot in the door, and not get mowed down when they leave their spawn from far away.
Taking the SVD from Advisor would also help. Just like you differentiate between Attachments depending on whether you play Coop or PvP, I think you should maybe take away the SVD and MK14 from the Advisor, at least in PvP. The SVD is already arguably the strongest weapon in the game, I think it's too difficult for attackers to deal with up to 5 of them, SVD and MK14 respectively. Two snipers per team is enough, and that's ignoring that almost any battle rifle and assault rifle can be used as a sniper. Just limit the amount of players that can use the strongest ones in that category and I think the mode would be immediately better balanced. At least this is my conclusion after 260ish hours of playing Push. Anyway, have a good one.

To summarize: Your 1st point is implementing the fundamental map vote feature already present in Ins2.

The second point is that either reintroduce more CQB focused push areas or weaken gun loadout to balance defender vs attacker so its easier to attack.

I concur.

When it comes to map size sometimes less is more in CQB oriented maps. I never was a big fan of Panj push, A point Sinjar push - worst point together with Buhriz A point push, but I think heights push A managed to have a long enough line of attacking possibilities to be enough to keep the river crossing ok (aside from the glitchy river camp area). Kandagal also hit that middle ground between long and short distance encounters.

I do get it was a lot of fun in the more sniper oriented maps as well, it just didnt push my adrenaline that far.

Why for example tell push, market push and district push worked quite well in my opinion and was among my favourites, was that it was aggressive cqb oriented maps, like every map in CS.

I hope we get a lot more like that, its fun!

Honestly, since the Advisor has no reason to have the SVD and MK14 in the first place anyway, and didn't for quite some time, I still wonder why this happened in the first place. It throws balancing way off, in my opinion, but everyone has just accepted it as the status quo. I think this is just one of the possible changes that would improve Push in my opinion, and I hope it happens together with map balance (before making new maps) and a map vote function so we can avoid bad maps all together.