Servers are borked past few weeks.

I don't know if you swapped server providers, changed up netcode, or something else, but it needs to get fixed or reverted quickly. This is the worst multiplayer experience I've had in a game since about 2011.

Rubberbanding 20m or more, enemy players doing the same, hitreg has gone to shit, trucks are vibrating and rotating randomly around their axis, freezing and stuttering is common, and it seems to be affecting about half or more players.

My ping is below 30 to USEast region, I have 100mb/s internet, my computer can handle the game.
The game was smooth as a dream a month and a half ago, and now it feels like I'm connecting to servers in China.

It's not just a Steam tuesdays thing, it's consistent and getting worse.

Anyone else reporting similar issues as of late? I know a few friends have had the same experiences.

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Hello @Bobondacob,

Can you help us do a test regarding this issue? You can DM me the results once done!

(1) Download WinMTR -
(2) Unzip the file and run the WinMTR.exe file inside it
(3) Set the host as your server's IP address (no port) and hit 'Start'
(4) Continue to play with this running the in the background for at least 20 minutes
(5) When you have finished, stop the trace and export the results to TEXT
(6) Go to and copy your IP address.
(7) Reply to this ticket and attach the results and IP address from step (6)

I just DMed you the server IP address.

I run a community server and it has become intolerable to the extreme, simply unplayable. Until the pass two weeks, around about when that last significant patch dropped the server ran literally perfect. Not a single network issue for 2+months since I started. Now it will mass DC and have 10+ seconds of lag server wide, stuttering. It's like the server just paused to comtemplate the meaning of life. The spikes will happen regardless of load or number of players or time of day.

While I have considered host server over subscription it doesn't explain that severity and number of spikes. This is also after I requested moving to another machine. I will be making a request to move to an entirely different node.

winmtr info.TXT