[Suggestion] Invite players to matches via Discord

I love that I can preview the sessions my friends play on Discord, with match timers and everything, but since a lot of players are on Discord servers these days, it would make more sense to integrate with it a bit better, for example by being able to invite people to the team directly from Discord.

An example of it is how people behind other games have used Discord to connect people in games such as Divinity: Original Sin, Call of Duty, etc.


Discord rich presence

An example:
Discord game preview/invite system

Is this something that is on the radar of developers? Currently, it's a big problem, where we have to use the kinda unreliable Steam invite system.

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What is the point? Steam already has a perfectly good invite system. This would also require both players to have discord and to have discord open.
Some players can't run a game and programs like discord because of performance.

Steam already has a perfectly good invite system.

Considering a number of reported issues with the Steam's own invite system used by Insurgency, I beg to differ. Steam invites in Insurgency don't work beyond inviting to a group, so many things has to happen laboriously.

If you don't want or have a need to use extra features, you don't need to but don't go assuming no one will need something like this.

Let people enjoy things.