Staged reload for rpg pls

Theres no reason not to have staged reloads for rpg. Its annoying and immersion breaking that my rocket vanishes from my rpg because i went prone or whatever.

Just pause the animation and let it continue when it can, like the other weapons.

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@Viheraho I'm 99% certain that there's already staged reloads, at least for the MAWWS. I can't say the same for the RPG-7.

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The only other reason I could think this is a thing is for balance reasons (RPG's already being so inherently powerful, maybe they didn't want people shortening the reload time by a staged reload).

@MarksmanMax Yeah i double checked, it has staged one but it is very precise.

@Bronbin Staged reload isnt actually faster, so it cant be that either. Maybe they will fix this now that they are reminded.

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@Viheraho Well in normal practice it shouldn't be (and I'd need to test this further myself) but generally staged reloads can sometimes be exploited faster if you get to the stage, switch weapons and go back and then you'd be able to fire a second or two sooner, so maybe they saw this as an issue with the RPG.