Spectator Suggestion for Shoutcasting


When spectating matches (specifically for shout-casting competitive firefight) it is extremely difficult to have a cohesive and smooth view of that match.


Casters/Observers who are trying to view as much action as possible must constantly press their tab button to look on the map to determine what players/lanes are soon to engage or show something important. This constant event of opening the map and clicking on different players to switch to their POV leaves a very choppy and confusing viewing experience.


To solve this problem, I believe a constantly showing INTERACTIVE minimap in the top left corner of the screen would work. This map could be designed so that it works the same as the current scoreboard map, and a keybind could be added (alt) so that when pressed a cursor appears and can be used to click on the player's icon on the map. This would eliminate the need for the observer to open his scoreboard constantly throughout the map, and viewers can watch the action without any popups or distractions.


This would mainly be an improvement for shoutcasted competitive games on community servers. In many of the official match streams we get 30-50 viewers. Unfortunately, a lot of newer players, or ones unfamiliar with firefight, struggle to understand what is going on. I think this would make the streams look much more professional and appealing. What do you guys think?

It would be nice to have a mini map you can toggle on and off for viewers to see permanently. It really helps see the strategy unfold.

I'd like to see the "Fade to black" removed as well, especially when someone you are spectating dies while you are spectating in 3rd person or freecam you shouldn't get the "Fade to Black"

Hello everyone!

Have you tried out the CTE? We've improved the Spectator feature. Please tell us what you think!