[Suggestion] About Insurgents

Hi love the game and thoroughly enjoying it...

But I found some parts to be annoying, I know most people when they think about insurgents they think about a ragtag team of people with guns running around but as of gameplay I believe that insurgents have a great disadvantage due to camo. Security forces get all the camo they want but insurgents get some bright colored shirts and pants and their facewear is the most eye popping thing I've ever seen (except for the gimp masks)

Have insurgents have darker colors so they can blend in to their environment like security forces do, or better yet give them camo too.

I felt it best when I played security forces and spotted 5 insurgents wriggling around from 500 yards with their bright tshirt/tracksuit on. And when you are a insurgent you can barely notice security forces hiding/waiting in the tall grasses.

I say these things for better balance between security and insurgents nothing more nothing less

Have a good day~

Welcome to the Forum Techbro !
This issue has been adressed here several times since the very beginning ( alpha ).
Especially when you play PvP you need darker ( or let´s say not so showy ) colors.

I don´t know why but there was no great changes to the colors yet.
As far as i remember a sand and olive tone was added for insurgents cargo style trousers.

Absolutely disagree.
Insurgents has best camo in the game: all-black.
But I never use it, because camo means almost nothing in urban warfare.
If you need to be invisible you should just play slowly, make less noise, use smokes and enviroment covers, go far from flanks, use helicopter and teammates as distraction, etc.
And I wear bright camo for Insurgency and even for Security, because it's fun and fancy looking, so problem is forced imo.

@Techbro For Insurgents, I typically wear Sand Cargo pants and either an Orange or Peach Flannel Shirt IIRC. Security does have it a bit easier camo-wise as Desert Digital is cheap and pretty effective. I'd argue that Desert Smear is better, though, and getting Desert Smear camo for everything costs quite a bit as Smear is 1,000 AC.

Hey all,

Thanks for these opinions about this topic. I'll share this thread with the team!