Choose cosmetic preset at start of a round

Deer Devs and community managers,
Me and a lot of my friends would really love to see a function that you can switch between your cosmetic presets during a game. So we could adapt to the maps clima and look even cooler ;D.

Especially with the new snow map (if there will be camo as well) it would be super nice 🙂

Best wishes

PS: keep up the great work! #bestShooter2019
And best studio

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Hey @FloppyCDdrive,

Thanks for this feedback. This has already been passed on to the devs 🙂

I've wanted something like that since release, for map specific outfits and class specific.
Would give more of a reason to spend credits on different outfits,
now I just end up having one generic outfit since I don't know what classes will be available in the match.

This would defo be super helpful, like the OP said, with the snow maps especially in mind.