10 crashes in 10 minutes.

10 crashes in 10 minutes. I cannot play the game any more.

No cpu or gpu overlock. Error is unhandled exception with InsurgencyClient_Win64_Shipping.exe.

I've deleted the config folder. I simply can't play the game any more.

After reading various forums it appears this may be due to my Ryzen 5 1600.
Most crashes occurred in the main menu as the game launches.

It was a bumpy ride but I think it's pretty much over now.

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Yup game crashes constantly. Can't play at all.

Possibly related to being on Ryzen CPU?

@sgdg54ytrhtf I'm not sure, but that seems to be the consensus.

This is the most frustrating experience I've ever had with a game - I've been gaming for over 40 years!!!!

I've put up with the constant stutter for the game's lifetime and now this!!!


I've just reinstalled the game - of course this is the normal approach to any game!!!!

It seems ok. I'm just gonna leave my server running with no bots and infinite timer to see if it crashes. I've been in for 5 mins now and no crash!!! It is a miracle!!!!!

Update: I reinstalled the game and it worked fine for a day. Just had 5 crashes when the game launches into the main menu.


@TokaiTele ME TOO MAN. I'm getting really pissed. Work 12 hours and then come home to this bullcrap. Where my fucking money Lebowsky?

@TokaiTele Are you sure you didn't make any sort performance tweaks in the past like ini changes or anything of the sort? I read on reddit someone was having crashes since 1.31 and it was due to some outside of the game performance tweak he had made. If it's really due to your cpu for whatever strange reason I'm sorry.. something like that will surely be fixed soon.

try running the "crashtest" on steam, it works for me.. i have a R7 1700X and was having the same issues as you. GL!

Oh Please @Bronbin don't try and blame me or my rig!! Nothing has changed!! It is a known bug. So stop now!!!!

For those interested. There is a beta test branch that you can switch to. I used this last night with no crashes - although the game has a lot of stutter for me.

To take part in the beta branch:

  • Right click on Insurgency Sandstorm in your steam library

  • Select 'properties'

  • open the 'beta' tab in the top right

  • chose the 'crashtesting' branch

  • click OK

You should be good to go! If the branch doesn't update automatically when switching simply restart Steam.

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Hello everyone!

The team is working hard to address this issue. Meanwhile, if you still encounter crashes, you can switch to "crashtesting" branch. You can follow the steps in @TokaiTele's thread.

@TokaiTele I'm not trying to blame you mate I'm just giving you anecdotes of others with this exact problem who did perform tweaks, no reason to rule out other possibilities with the same exact issue.

Also what changes to the game does the 'beta branch' do exactly?

NP mate. I am blunt - Yorkshire lad 🙂

I have no idea what the changes are in the beta branch. I can tell you that I had LOT OF STUTTER!! on that branch - probably due to the heavy logging.

It appears that they have found the problem and merged those changes into the main branch - the beta branch is no longer available. Although I haven't played yet to test it.

The crashtesting has been removed, and now i am crashing again, thanks 🙂

Hey @rrodo can you follow the instructions here, please?

@TokaiTele Does this happen on every level or a specific one? Can you also upload your DxDiag here?

@chaton HI Chaton, sorry about the late reply, very busy.

To answer your question: It happens on all maps. The stutter has always been there since the launch of the game. You know this!!! 🙂 It does make the game less enjoyable but I have a vested interest in the game.


@TokaiTele Thanks! It'll be passed on to the team!