If you guys get a comment on your forum post from demonhart, don't acknowledge it. He has 1 Reputation, 5 posts(that are all replies), and has contributed absolutely nothing to the forums.

Here is one of his 5 replies, and probably the worst one:

Don't be like demonhart and think you can come in here and make fun of people.

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This forum is for the reporting of bugs and ongoing issues in the Multiplayer FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm. Can you stop acting like a child and starting drama on a game forum? This is a giant waste of everybodys time and it's quite frankly embarassing to watch. I don't think many people take issue with your game related posts despite the fact that they are almost always condescending, dismissive and disrespectful, with a goddamn plug to your twitch as a signature, that leads immediately to a donation button with a hilariously misleading text underneath, given your online persona. Please behave like an adult and stop being in the way of what this forum is made for.

This is the general discussion forum and it isn't for reporting bugs. The Technical Feedback back forum is for bug reports. Also, I am not acting like a child, but merely warning people about someone.

@ham-cucumber also, if it is waste if your time, let alone everybody's, then why bother typing that big ass paragraph?

Read that again. This forum. Bugs and ongoing issues. An issue does not have to be a technical problem. And that "big ass paragraph" is four lines. Try again.

Just flag the posts you don't like for moderation.

@CatNipples said in Demonhart:

Also, I am not acting like a child, but merely warning people about someone.

Yes, you are.

Please don't create threads to simply instigate an argument. If you have a problem with a user, you may speak with a moderator privately or report that post. That's all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less. Thread locked.