Garbage servers

Hello, as you can see everyone on this server has a terrible ping and the gameplay was fucking shit too. Terrible hit reg, getting killed when you're long behind a corner on your screen, you name it. My ping displayed in game is not correct. Unfortunately, my teammates refused to tell my what my real ping is (too much to ask, reporting bugs is obviously selfish and should be ridiculed). This was an official matchmade push game, that I joined via the official playlist, alone. I live in Frankfurt, so if you guys have a server there, I should probably get connected to that one. Maybe it's down, and I got connected to a server somewhere in the middle of nowhere, together with everyone else in my area. I couldn't say.

Anyway my connection is completely fine, I have only been having this issue recently, which leads me to believe something changed with the games servers, which I'm in no position to confirm.
So yeah. What changed?

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I had similar issue (i live in Russia) -- sometimes I can only play in Europe.
Maybe these guys had servers from their areas down that day?

Probably you also need to specify date/time when this happened.

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It happened on the 27th of July, at roughly 6 pm Central European Summer Time. My dick was flaccid.

@ham-cucumber This has been happening to me a lot ever since 1.3 came out (and for some reason only on the server closest to me so it should not be lag glitching like this) also when my ping is 0 there's 100% chance the technical will be glitching out that game, and even without being in the technical there can be lag issues, makes no sense that it's on my local servers too.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you please try the following steps? It'll help us figure out the issue.

(1) Download WinMTR -
(2) Unzip the file and run the WinMTR.exe file inside it
(3) Set the host as your server's IP address (no port) and hit 'Start'
(4) Continue to play with this running the in the background for at least 20 minutes
(5) When you have finished, stop the trace and export the results to TEXT
(6) Go to and copy your IP address.
(7) Reply to this ticket and attach the results and IP address from step (6)

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Your link didn't work for me, but this one does.

And how do I find out my server's IP address?

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Thanks for the heads up! I'll edit the link!
I'll give you the server IP as soon as possible, really sorry about that!

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@chaton IP results 01.txt IP results 02.txt

I'm sending my results as well cause there are days were official servers just plain irritating on high ping levels of 200+ constantly.

Find results above.

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