Amm... A shooting range are not working after 27.07.29 update

I mean... that's it. It's not working for me. Crushing with report after launching shooting range. Well, no customization bug fixes, optimizations. That is life.

Please be more specific about the crash. Paste here the callstack from it also (it is automatically by default copied into clipboard once the UE4 crash reporter appears).

I am unable to reproduce the issue.

@Arc The reason thar you are unable to reproduce it, is because it is client side. Now, usually client side problems isn't the games or the devs issue; but a lot of the bugs being reported in the forums Do Not affect me AT ALL. This leads be to believe that one of the games main codes acts differently across all systems, therefore generating different bugs that only affect certain players with thoughs certain systems.
For my best example, the helicopter crashes causing the game to drop an exponential amount of frames, or crash completely. This has never, ever happened to me. Or the radio beeping glitch, where is just beeps when ppl talk. That also has never affected my game play.

Could this be the case, that the game is generating these glitches and bugs based off the system that it ia running on?

@Arc also, the bug of loadouts not saving after the game is restarted. This never happens to me.