Slow switching between equipments

What I'd like changed is that how fast you can switch between which equipments / weapons you want selected.
So for example I have 1 flashbang 1 frag grenade and 1 incendiary in this order. In order to select the incendiary I have to cycle through all the grenades one by one. I keep noticing that I keep tapping the shit out of the equipment selection button, sometimes even scrolling through the one I want.
Same goes for fire mode selection, I have the G36 on full auto, but I want single fire, I need to scroll through burst in order to get to single fire, which is fine, but what is not fine is that it's not responsive. You tap it twice, you're still at burst.
I encourage anyone to keep changing the intervals you switch equipments / fire modes and you'll quickly see that it's as responsive as a chinese knock-off of a phone.

Hey @Sgt-Kanyo,

Do you happen to have a video showcasing this issue? I'll pass it on to the team.

To be fair, I don't, but it can be reproduced on anyone's game I believe.
For example in the old insurgency you can tap the equipment button 3 times and the HUD quickly jumped to the 3rd in line. However in Sandstorm there's a delay. I recommend trying tapping the button instantly, then tapping it with a bit of delay between the taps until you reach like 0.5 second delay. That's when sometimes it gets messed up.
It can also lead the HUD showing that you have your main weapon equipped, but in fact you still have a grenade in your hand. If I find this, I'll be sure to make a screenshot.

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@Sgt-Kanyo Thanks for the details! I'll send this to our QA team!