[Attention] Required revision!

Good day, I am a big fan of your game and during the game I quite often meet with simple but very important minuses. Work on the list below, the game will really get better. I am ready to cooperate and tell you what you need for free. I have a lot of experience playing shooters. I am a professional player and coach in csgo and cs 1.6 and as I know from personal experience, developers consult with professionals, please let me help you! And now to the obvious minuses that are just crazy and make it difficult to play.

  1. Not very good and the title screen is done as well as the whole interface in general.
  2. Bad game physics in some moments. most character models are flawed, run like bags of clay, there is no feeling of a living person, it looks like a running body or an inflatable doll. all models are clumsy and it's just ridiculous. the car and the character are very often stuck in invisible textures. Parkour in the game is very viscous in real life, everything is much faster, so there is no animation of overlapping ... And most importantly, where are the legs of the character? why when i look down i don't see my legs ... is it realism? what? It is an urgent need to enter into the game and correct the above described, it makes it difficult to play and have fun.
  3. It is also necessary to make filling the world with trifles, especially in houses, in these houses before the war someone lived, but this is not noticeable, not beautiful ... and the streets are just empty, throw garbage, newspapers, make graffiti on the walls, this is war not a polygon!

P.S. My name is Vsevolod I am from Russia, I am 33 years old, I play shooters for 18 years and half of them are professional, I know what I'm saying, please pay attention! Waiting for feedback! Thanks!

Hey @inrage,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I'll pass this thread on to the team.