So, I've been active on the steam forums lately, and I've seen people bring up a few things about Third person Animations and Character models, While i do not Completely agree with them, I think majority of the running animations look really good, but The thing that bugs me alot is the character models, When people respawn in hardcore without any gear, the models looks VERY VERY skinny and unnatural. I know the models have gotten alot better and perhaps "Muscular" since last year, but maybe it would be great if the devs could probably make the Male models look more muscular and natural instead of looking like people without rib cages. Same for the Female models, except for the muscular part, i dont know, just make em more feminine or something..😉 Y'know what i mean't there. Anyways it would be great if someone could tell me if my Feedback is actually something the devs can actually consider or if its just plain garbage..

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