VOIP "beeping" and Vehicle "bugging out" still happening?!?! Make this a priority.

I'm just curious - how are these still an issue that have not been fixed? Two main components to the game primarily the VOIP. But constantly hearing either other players mics constantly beeping or being told that your mic is beeping. Yes you can disable the beep sound in the options but that still does not fix the fact the you can still not communicate with that teammate. And the Vehicles bugging out like they do? Seriously. It's been long enough - we've been patient enough - fix these issues before we are left with zero players. We can't afford to have basic issues like these go unaddressed/fixed while players old and new keep leaving. I'm just surprised the Devs have not mentioned either issue again since many updates ago when one was supposedly fixed (the vehicles, and it wasn't), and the same update mentioned the VOIP issue was known - that's all we got about that. Shame.

Hello @V-A-L,

The VoIP beeping issue should have been fixed with our latest patch. Can you check if it still persists?

@chaton Yes the VOIP issue was finally 100% fixed - now we just need to get these trucks back to being driveable again. Thanks for the response Chaton.