55 Days since last content update, and radio silence.

I just wish the Devs would tell us what they have been working on in more detail. Instead they post single images at random, then they go radio silent for long periods of time. I love this game, but it is getting a bit stale.

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It's literally been 14 days since they last gave a patch, and holy shit how does 2 maps get stale so fast? Do you have like 1k hours or something? Im almost at 600 hours and the still feels pretty fresh

@VoltHound Well, I would like to see some more Developer Livestreams so we can get a better idea of what's going on in the back end, and it's also a great time to ask the New World devs about Sandstorm's features and how New world decided to implement those features.

I Miss the streams with Alex and mikee..

Posted one day before a patch is released.