Skalgrim mod v.1.4 Released

Its here admirals. Skalgrim mod v.1.4. Enjoy!

V.1.4 Major Chaos Overhaul. This version of the Skalgrim mod includes several new ships, balancing and further work on the original mod with a focus on Chaos.

Read the description/Installation instructions for all relevant information.

Major Chaos Changes from original game:![

General Description: Chaos are a bit fewer in number than Imperials, and cost a bit more. Their ships are faster and in general have lots of ranged weaponry and high-damage dealing weapons for mid-range. Their ships are a bit less sturdy than Imperial counterparts as a result. All in all I have made a massive overhaul of Chaos forces, abilities and skills to broaden the choices you can make with them. Their ships are more specialized now, with certain ships excelling in certain roles instead of just being generally good at most things like in the vanilla game. Do you want a Khornate dedicated brawling fleet or a sneaky long range Tzeenchian? Perhaps you like to spawn thousands of fighters like the flies of Nurgle, or do you feel that striking fear into your enemies using super-weapons? You can do it all now.

New Titan: Balestar (Replaces the grand cruiser Executor) The vanilla game doesn't let you use the Monarchia Titan, well now you can. This behemoth is filled to the brim with deadly plasma and heavy macro weaponry. More than enough to counter the Imperiums Eternal Crusade Titan.

New Titan: Abomination (Replaces the Battle cruiser Hecate) This aptly named Abomination uses the same main weapon as the Planetkiller Titan, and is also armed with the super-weapon Hellfire Beam Cannon, and lots of super heavy missiles and tons of launchbays. Its a bit weaker than other Titans and is very expensive. It can destroy anything with one shot, but aiming might turn out to be tricky and the chaos gods are fickle.

New Battleship: Astra Dominus Battle Barge (Replaces Cruiser Slaughter) This Battle Barge has not been in the service of Chaos for very long, its renegade and traitorus Space Marines defecting during the launch of the 13'th Black Crusade. Its faster than other Space Marince Battle Barges and sports heavy weaponry and assualt capablities.

New Battleship: Render (Replaces Cruiser Emasculator) This ship is unique amongst Chaos forces as it is not only very fast, it also has a special prow made to ram enemy ships and deal lots of damage. While it burrows into the enemy fleets its many macro weapons turn its foes into shredded chunks of metal scrap.![0_1564006594588_Skalgrim-mod1.4.jpg](Uploading 100%)

Download it here:

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Just installed it, nice! Do achievments work if I play the campaign with this mod installed? Necrons are a lot more fun here than in Vanilla 🙂
Also: can I get the titans that you added in the campaigns or am I limited to the ones that I get in the base game?
I've noticed that Chaos now has 2 Monarchia's redeemer Titans in the roster.

I don't know about achivements. The titans and new ships are all added to the campaign, but you will need to get to the correct level to unlock them, just like in the base game. All factions get one or more new titans.

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