Greedfall: Forging an Adventure in a New Fantasy RPG by IGN

Anyone kind enough to give a summary? Can't watch until tonight.

The CEO talks mostly about player agency, making choices, and customizing your character.

There's a new shot of the skill tree. More armor and weapons.

She also mentioned learning the disgraceful secrets of all the governors, which really appealed to me. I love some good skulduggery when you can't appeal to someone's better nature.

  • Vasco finally confirm for companion
  • Yesora actually name in Greedfall is Aphra
  • Relationship toward companion separately from faction and relationship can be different between character and their faction.
  • We also have relationship status with Merchant, maybe we can even betray our cousin!!!
  • Various new scene, weapon/armor.
  • Narrative is very interesting.
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Oh hell yes! Please let us learn dirty secrets and blackmail people! I'm so happy about this game, this is the rpg I've wanted for years. Cries

Thanks for the video! I really can't wait to play.

Watched the video. Oh yes oh yes screw August send me to September.

So who is the guy in the red coat? I don't think that's Constantine, but he does strike me as either a governor or a representative of one of the factions and potentially a rival or villain.

So much stuff in this video! Really enjoying this series. And sparring with Kurt! Awesome. Nice to hear some more voices in this one. And seeing all the companions names and the relationship status with everyone and the factions! I wonder how many parts there will be? I hope at least four. 🙂

I went through the trailer more closely than before.

  1. I've never seen facial hair described as pilosity before. Female protagonists do no have pilosity

  2. Vasco does not have a magic bar in combat. Being a sailor, I'm guessing he uses a combination of pistols and 1-hand weapons

  3. In the screen that gives an overview of De Sardet's stats and relationships it also shows what weapons he is carrying: a pistol and a Theologian's Ring. I guess magic-based weapons come in the form of enchanted objects rather than staves or wands

  4. in the scene where the painter is painting De Sardet's portrait there's a skeleton holding a scale over the globe. Symbolism?

Vasco get more cinematic scene with PC and Kurt.
alt text

First quest from Vasco I think.
alt text