Incessant machinegun audio bug is driving players to madness. Please fix.
  1. It's INCREDIBLY irritating.
  2. It drowns out sounds of all but the closest enemies, effectively depriving you of one of your in-game senses.

Recorded today (7/23/2019)

For your listening pleasure:

Youtube Video

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I've seen this happen with the technical (though very rarely) last time it happened the technical had flipped over, (probably while the gunner was firing) and then it kept the firing noise till it was destroyed or disappeared, so maybe it has something to do with the firing animation getting interrupted to cause the bug.

Hello @skillet
Thank you for reporting this. I will notify the team. Thank you as well for the footage!

@Raibi You're welcome--any time! Thanks for forwarding this along.

The temporary fix to this is picking up that weapon and firing it. It definitely seems to be caused by animation interruption or something along those lines.

Hey @Potato-Rage,

Thanks for the potential workaround. I'll pass this on to the team as well!

@Potato-Rage great advice--it works, though it doesn't appear you have to fire it. I tracked down a rifle that was doing this, picked it up, then picked my original rifle back up. That did the trick. Thanks for the workaround!

I heard somewhere that if you go into audio settings and make a change to the sound effects volume, it will also clear any looping weapon sounds. I haven't had this bug for a long time though so I can't test it!