Changes made to loadouts has stopped saving after game restart

Can anyone help? I've tried almost everything (verified steam integrity of the game) but no matter what after I restart the game all my saves and changes to loadouts gets reset. The only thing I haven't tried is deleting and resetting my game cache app data, but I'm worried the issue will persist and then I'll have 0 loadouts saved. Very annoying bug! The only recent change to my computer I can think of was updating to Windows 1903.

they are ignoring this problem for some reason. How i can understand now, it is global bug in this game, and no one carry this...

Yep I've seen people reporting this since May but haven't been able to find any help or fix for it.. extremely time-consuming to keep remaking classes and frustrating..

I have tried starting from a fresh app data cache but hasn't worked either..

Can I please get some help here? Is there a fix? Is it already known? People have been noting this bug since May (