Character Hair

Hello, I just wanted to point out that the way hair works is pretty weird. The first haircut is called "none", and looks like this.

I don't agree that this is no hair, but whatever. The point is that this is the standard hair and every haircut is simply placed on top regardless of hairline or hair color, since this base haircut always stays black.
As you can see, it looks a bit ridiculous. I think the obvious fix would be to make the "none" haircut a buzzcut or whatever so you dont waste the asset, and then make "none" truly bald. And then every haircut gets placed on top of the bald one, as you bascially do it now, except it would look normal.


Anyway, have a good one.

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Also why is there no pornstache?

Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for pointing out the issue with character hair. It'll be passed on to the team. However, regarding the pornstache🤔, that's a good question...

Hey guys I haven't submitted a bug report about it yet but on the topic of facial hair if you have equipped for the Security side the 'Balaclava Open' it clips out any and all facial hair, my character looked pretty weird without a mustache 😆 Edit: I should clarify I've only tested this with the mustache but I just assume that means it would clip all facial hair out.

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