3 of 6 matches I joined were almost over

Three out of six matches I joined the last 30 minutes were almost over or completely over. Why is this still a problem?
Game is gone again from my hard drive.

Poor-poor banani, couldn`t take it anymore and deleted the game... "again".
This is truly a tragedy.

It`s like :
1)Banani joining and ending match
3)Global warming
5)Wold hunger

Do you mail the local administration of the region where you live when you approach a semaphore and it turns red just when you decide to pass or you just move to other town ?
...my god...your life must be sad af.

I mean...dude...i agree, this is disappointing, frustrating but, come on, be a man.

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Someone posted about this in technical support and here's my advice:
How to avoid this best is to keep your matchmaking very specific I.E. select only one server and only one mode - this way you have a much better chance at getting in a game that is just filling up, and if you do get into a game that's halfway or close to finish, chances are higher that then the next game you match into will be at the start of the match with some of the players that were just in the last match, and then you can sometimes get on a roll with back to back beginning of the game matches.

On the bright side they've mentioned they are looking into developing a lobby system or vote map in the future so this may not always be an issue as it's on their radar.

So with that being said reinstall and come join us 🙂 there's no game out right now like Insurgency

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@Demonhart: Who are you? You seem to know me, but I don't know who you are and why are you talking to me in such a weird colloquial way? Why are you looking up threads that are 1 week old? That being said, I am very sorry for your strange picture of maleness and your sad, solitary being as an incel, but hey, when all the frustrated players are finally gone (look at similar games who didn't get straighted out in time), so when things are finally very lonely for you, then you can still play with yourself and getting shot by godlike bots. Have fun, and good luck with your life.

@Bronbin: Thank you for your advice. I already tweaked all there is, still spawing into finished game. Votemap should have been implemented weeks ago.

@banani2804 There's nothing to tweak, just follow the advice one server one mode and it works. Just now played 3 games all started from the beginning.

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Yo guys, what is with the fucking hate here? You fucktards think this is funny? This is an issue that I have experienced many times and it needs to be fixed.

I joined 5 games in a row tonight where I wasn't able to play in any of them, they all ended before I even had the chance to spawn in.

I don't mind joining into games in progress, and recognize that it needs to happen to some extent to replace players that quit mid-game. But it's dumb to join players into a game that's on the last objective. I've joined into games that were on the last objective where if they won or lost it would end the game and I would have no chance to play. There needs to be a point at which a server won't accept new players.

Nobody says that this behavior in the game is correct. Its the idea to stop indefinitely complaining and have patience.

@banani2804 , you wrote on 23 july, my reply was on 25 july, what week are you talking about. (That's rhetorical, don't answer this)

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Exactly. I don't mind joining in midgame. But when that match is over, there is a good chance I join yet another match that already begun 15 minutes ago. Map vote at the end of the round and/or more encouragement of custom servers and I am happy.
And yes, @Bronbin there is no game like Ins: Sandstorm out there! What makes it even more frustrating because I can't just abandon it for an other game. It is just too good 😉

Hello all,

@Demonhart Please keep in mind that insults and personal attacks are not allowed in this forum. Everyone can give their opinions about the game in a respectful way.

@Bronbin Thanks for sharing this information here. @banani2804 We're happy that it helps!