Suppressor Smoke Bug

Hello, when you shoot any gun with a suppressor, the smoke that comes from the gun after firing it doesn't come from the end of the suppressor but the end of the gun itself.

Steps to reproduce: Put a suppressor on any gun, then fire. The smoke comes somewhere out of the metal the suppressor is made of. 4cfd0111-123d-425a-a39b-0391db307372-image.png

I know this is just a minor, minor visual bug, but yeah. Godspeed.

Just as a quick follow up, here is an even less relevant glitch.
This bunk bed is glitched into another object on the shooting range.

this game is not ready for the small stuff like this. I find it funny you even noticed these things

Yes, but they can sort out the priorities by themselves. Aside from the fact that the smoke thing is probably an easy fix, since you only have to change the point the smoke originates from, nothing else. I also agree that this is not very important, but I can still report it.

Hey @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for pointing this out and the steps to reproduce. I'll pass this on to the QA team, so they can try it out!