Player's base/hub on Greedfall?

Many RPG have that including Technomancer. What kind of base we will have on Greedfall? Will we have some activity to do on our base beside talk to our companion?

Good question.

I'm mostly familiar with Bioware RPGs where the base is a camp, small town, tavern, mansion, spaceship, or fortress.

I suspect New Serene is the most likely base. Perhaps the governor's palace or an inn there specifically.

I'd guess that like in The Technomancer there will be a hub in each safe area to prevent too much back tracking, so a room in New Selene, a cabin in a friendly Native camp, etc.

It'd probably also where we do any and all crafting.

There will be outposts I'm sure away from the major population centers.

There will be smaller camps to discover and set up - like in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'd guess we'll have some kind of house in New Serene somewhere though.