Hi, so, there are a few issues with the campaign upgrade system.

  1. The Imperium campaign is one point short of letting you fill in the upgrade tree. Seems like someone made a miscalculation somewhere.
  2. The Chaos campaign has duplicate upgrades - some skills (e.g. Heldrake forge, Warp-powered shields, Chaos space marines, etc.) are also present on the tech tree and fleets with the skill will receive it in duplicate when you research it. Some of these duplicates appear to stack, others don't appear to. This seems like an oversight.
  3. The Blackstone Fortress receives lance-specific upgrades even though it can't really benefit from them at all. I'm assuming this is an oversight.
  4. Hangar upgrades for Imperium & Chaos have typos in them - the first Chaos upgrade, living strike craft, mentions a "torpedoe" and hangars are referred to as "hangers". I know these ships must have wardrobes and laundry facilities somewhere on them, but I don't think extra hangers are important enough to warrant an upgrade point. It will stop uniforms getting creased, I guess.

Anyway, I love the game and think it's great, mild issues aside 🙂