WTF - REALLY ? If your going to make a block out zone, it should do JUST THAT , BLOCK PEOPLE OUT FROM GOING THERE, untold number of games where enemy team simply RUNS THROUGH THE RED ZONE to get around the Defense to do an easy capture, or destroy. Jesus christ FIX IT, , INVISIBLE WALLS are NOTHING to put in, or make it if when in RED ZONE, it BLACKS OUT THERE VIEW , something , its a HUGE FLAW in the game.

2ND - EVERYTHING , EXCEPT FLAT SURFACES should be climbable, , WHY is it a game w/ the SNIPER option is making it INCREDIBLY difficult or even seems to sabatage people from sniping , I have seen multiple spots on every mape GREAT for sniping, but I cannot access the point because of invisible walls WHERE THEY SHOULDNT BE , or I cant get there because the game wont let me get to it for NO reason whatsoever, REALLY dumb.

3rd the ENTIRE MAP should be accessible , If I can actually get BEHIND enemy lines and shoot them from they're own area, w/out being detected, I should be allowed to do so , , the way the game is set up now, it bottle necks EVERYONE into doing the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again, at that point it comes down to who can shoot who fastest, NO skill or tactics to it.

4th - Team Death match - or Team Survivor , where are the other Play games , capture the flag is getting a little old.

These issues are EASILY SOLVED and should have been fixed/available from the get to of release. Cmon man. this is not COD - or Modern Warefare for good reason, DO NOT ACT LIKE THOSE ASSHOLES DEVS