I understand that they're bots and something has to be done to make it difficult, but why are players limited to shooting through wood, dirt, and thin metal yet the bots can fire through several feet of concrete and track you through said concrete? The infantry are bad enough but every time a technical has shown up in coop half my team ends up getting perfectly tracked and shot through walls by the DShK.
In the match I just played on, on last objective, I had literally not after the counter-attack started and when the vehicle stopped I got autotargetted and shot in the head through a wall, the wall behind it, the floor above it, and the stairs leading up, all made from concrete. The guy behind me on the stairs walked up two steps and then ALSO got shot in the head through 4 solid objects.

Either the penetration on the vehicle-mounted MGs needs to be lowered or something has to be done about their seemingly omniscient wallhacks. I love this game but I feel like the bots are playing Rainbow Six Siege with how many times I get domed through walls.