Thanks for your work, devs

We did a lot of failure-reporting and ranting in the past, so this will be a litte bit different 😉

Wanted to thank the devs for their work on the AI. Don't know what really happened, but the bots are quite good now: They act really impressive sometimes, most of the time they are quite fair. There are issues still, but this will be a "thank you" only post 🙂
We (as a group) appreciate the work. So: Thanks!

Guess we're not playing the same game. Weird that your copy of the game has good bots when mine doesn't.

@ham-cucumber He's being a suckup for suckup sake.

Look if the game wasn't good I wouldn't be playing it for almost 250 hours now, but that's not the point of these forums I think. Pretty sure everyone that makes the effort to even post anything here, is a fan of this game.