The issue with Hardcore checkpoint is that it feels like so much artificial difficulty. The limitations imposed on players to seemingly curb rushing really fail to do anything as people still rush, only they do it at the new lowered speeds (which just means that everything cancels out and the rushers lose nothing).

Dying feels less like a setback and more like a chore due to the whole forced bolt action (not to mention messes up the whole team dynamic by changing loadouts on loadout dependent classes (Breachers can't breach, gunners can't suppress and demolitions has no explosives); the issues with dying are exacerbated by the presence of laser guided molotov artillery (which seems to find you no matter where you are) and the reduced ability to respond to thrown grenades.

I would therefore like to propose the following changes to the Hardcore checkpoint in order to make it more rewarding and fun, without the need for artificial difficulty:-

  1. Respawn and resupply are only available at capture objectives.
  2. There are additional cache destruction objectives between each capture objective; this ties in with point 1 to make death more impactful and have a greater penalty for dying or getting wounded without the need to mess with loadouts. This also curbs rushing to an extent by making it much riskier for the rusher.
  3. Molotovs are removed completely from bots and the number of grenades available to bots in general are reduced substantially (as deaths are much more impractical, the seemingly arbitrary deaths from molotov artillery would be a game breaking issue for such a mode).
  4. [Optional] Walking and running speeds are as usual, however, players can only sprint for a limited amount of time at once. Additionally, the fatigue penalty is also increased.
  5. [Optional] the number/chance of enemy technicals could also be increased.
  6. [Optional] The enemy could also get emplaced HMGs on some points (such as 1-2 capture points per map) in order to allow them to lock down lanes against the players, necessitating the use of alternate routes, supports, suppression fire and smoke to allow players to approach the point.
  7. [Optional] The only way for anyone to communicate with the whole team in when they are in proximity to an Observer. Those not close to an Observer can only use proximity chat.
  8. [Optional] The Observer's capture bonus is given to Breachers and/or Riflemen.