Matchmaking is unbalanced

My rank is platinum 2nd, but sometimes my team consists of guys, who play this game second-third time, who have about 2-5 hours in this game. They die all the time and do completely nothing, at the same time for enemies might play levels much higher a couple of players with about 500-1000 hours, when in my team everyone is 40-80 hours, for example. I don't get it, how is it possible? Or ranks meaning completely nothing in this game?

agreed, even in unranked matches, the Matchmaking is set up WRONG, I have been in multiple games where enemy team has multiple Triple Digit players and I'll have a team made up of mostly people under 30. The Match Making needs to be fixed as well when players leave the game, again multiple games where is 9 vs 14 and worse

Sounds like not enough players are playing competetive either in your timezone, or in general. There is little anyone can do about that, though.

@paridonian That isn't the game's Matchmaking algorithm, that's multiple, high-level players who are in a party together. When you party up, up to eight people join a match together. Hence, lots of high-level players on one side. Matchmaking handles the rest, but nothing you can do about parties unless you just don't allow friends to play together. That would be bad.

Hello all,

Thanks for this suggestion. I'll pass it on to the team!