Outskirts -- map issue

The Road (with car tracks) is slightly above the ground (like 1 ft or so)
see screenshot
From the other side it looks really ugly when you move. please fix

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Hey @lafoxxx92,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It'll be passed on to the team!

@chaton this issue, along with many like it, is all over the game. In every map, and every gamemode.

@CatNipples I guess screenshots will help developers to see such issues.
Without screenshots, they may not notice any issues -- they work with this game every day, and look at the finished product through tired eyes, unlike players. So it's required to be specific -- this way they will notice such flaws and fix them.

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As what @lafoxxx92 said, screenshots do help us a lot! So, if you encounter any issue or glitches, don't hesitate to share screenshots here, and they will be passed on to the team.