New game mode based on Return To Castle Wolfenstwin

I love sandstorm but it would be even better with a true objective-based game mode.

Have you ever played the old game , return to castle wolfenstein? Or it’s newer version, wolfenstein: enemy territory? Do you remember the awesome objective-based game mode they had? That must be done in Insurgency:Sandstorm!

Imagine a game mode something like this...

Security team on Offense. Insurgents on defense.
The security must advance toward the insurgent compound where you must have a demolition class use his C4 to blow a hole in the concrete wall. Once you gain entry into the insurgent compound, search for the secret documents ( the position of them change every round)
Once you acquire the documents, your team must build a radio from parts you find scattered throughout the map and transmit the documents to HQ to win.

Of course , while the security team is attempting to do all of this, the Insurgent team is working on stopping them from gaining entry, finding the secret war documents and transmitting them.

No game has done anything like this since 2001 Wolfenstein. I think this would make for an amazing, fun experience.

I really love the idea! W:ET was a blast back then.
should have a look at ET:Legacy again... 🤔

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